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So…What did we learn today?


Today, one of the largest DNS DDoS attacks in recent history occurred.  Network Solutions, one of the worlds largest DNS and domain name providers was down and up and down and up for nearly 7 hours.  Millions of customers suffered loss today because of this.  The toll yet is unknown as to how much this outage cost network solutions and the businesses affected.

So how can this kind of downtime be avoided and mitigated when you don’t want to host your own DNS?  Its simple really, use multiple DNS hosts in your nameservers.  Each domain name registrar gives you the option of having multiple name servers.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Use 2 or more DNS hosts if you farm out your DNS hosting to prevent downtime, and loss to your business.

This does mean you have to maintain DNS in more than one place…ya, its not the perfect solution, but if you opt to go hosted DNS instead of creating your own Highly Available DNS Server network throughout multiple regions and continents, its something you will need to put up with.  Many DNS providers though do provide an API that you could take advantage of to create your own DNS management portal.

Some names of recommended DNS hosts are below:

Please also find more here.

CloudHarmony – “State of the Cloud – DNS Report

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