What is whoopsie?

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I have been having an issue where mysql or webmin randomly crash.  I still don’t think I am out of the water on bulletproofing my web stack, but I am getting closer.

I came across a process called ‘whoopsie’ in ‘top’ when I was looking at my memory and cpu usage at the time of one of these crashes and couldn’t figure out for the life of me what it was.  A little known feature in ubuntu 12.04 is this process called whoopsie which bundles and send log files for your server to ubuntu and its parent company Canonical.  Gaping security flaw right?  Very frustrating.

At any rate, its fairly easy to stop this process, disable the logging, and free up the memory that the bloated process was consuming, in my case almost 200mb, which is not acceptable when you are trying to run a web server.

top screenshot ubuntu

to start, just stop the service:

sudo service whoopsie stop

now, lets set whoopsie to not log again by editing the file /etc/default/whoopsie and setting the report crashes to false:


Thats it! Enjoy some free ram now and a more secure server.

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